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About Eucure
Eucure Biopharma is a China based innovative biotechnology company with global vision, specializing in developing innovative antibody drugs with independent intellectual property rights. Eucure Biopharma owns a seasoned team with in-depth experience in global clinical development, and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of professional services, including clinical medicine, science, clinical operations, regulatory registrations, data management, biostatistics, clinical supply chain, CMC, pharmacology & toxicology, clinical safety and pharmacovigilance. Eucure Biopharma has set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and the United States according to the company's development strategy. And these branches are responsible for conducting global clinical trials mainly in China, the United States and Australia.
Product Pipeline
Tumor immunotherapy is a therapeutic strategy involving reinitiating and maintaining tumor immune cycle and restoring the body's normal anti-tumor immune responses so as to inhibit tumor growth and eliminate tumor cells. Examples of such products include monoclonal antibody immune checkpoint blockades, therapeutic antibodies, cancer vaccines, cell therapies, and small molecule inhibitors. In the last few years, numerous achievements in the field of tumor immunotherapy. Many immunotherapeutic products have exhibited potent anti-tumour activity in the treatment of several solid tumors such as melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer and have been granted approvals for clinical use by FDA. Tumor immunotherapy was awarded as the most important scientific breakthrough by Science in 2013 for its excellent efficacy and innovation.
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common pathogen causing viral pneumonia in children. RSV usually occurs in neonates and infants less than 6 months old, but also occurs in immunocompromised and elderly people. RSV causes cells to produce devastating reactive oxygen species (ros) molecules that drive cells to release signals to and overreact to the immune system, producing inflammatory responses similar to asthma attacks.
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We provide equal employment opportunities, If you love learning, have a clear mind, and persist in scientific innovation; If you are serious and pragmatic to fulfill plans instead of boasting; If you think much of a sense of accomplishment rather than afraid of setbacks and pressures; If you can put the well-being of the patient first, and still yearn for some idealism; You are the one we are looking for. We are looking forward to your joining.